Sunday, November 22, 2009

In all things, God is good.

Well, it's been quite the weekend. It started with a phone call on Thursday night from my doctor. He said that he needed to see me right away, like Friday morning at 7:30. I figured that it wasn't just because he enjoyed my company. I had a mole removed from my face a couple of weeks earlier, and the results were in. I drove to his office the next morning and was ushered directly into the examination time to even pick up a germ-infested waiting room newspaper. The next few minutes were a bit of a blur, I just remember random words like "cancer, spreading, surgery, Melanoma, act quick, any questions?, I'll call you on Monday". The next thing I knew I was driving home with a numb feeling in my chest. Roz called me during one of her spare teaching blocks to find out how the appointment went. That was a difficult conversation. Do I ruin her day? Do I lie and say that everything is fine? I told her the news and she was a pillar of strength for me. She then went and taught her grade 2 class for the rest of the day, incredible. Wow, I love her so much! The rest of Friday was filled with ups and downs. I did everything from check the life insurance policy to reading up on how the Canucks were doing. The Canucks news was almost as bad as my own :)

The rest of the weekend was filled with lots of laughing and lots of tears. It's amazing what an emotional roller coaster a few mutant cells can cause.

I told the congregation at church today. The support was incredible. Thank you to all of you! In the afternoon, our pastor and a few church members came over and anointed us with oil and prayed over me and Roz. We have a tremendous sense of peace. The kind that passes all understanding.

While I'm sure that there will be many more highs and lows in the coming days, I know that God will sustain us. The end goal is not healing (though we are humanly hoping for that). The end goal is that God is glorified. Because of this, there is no bad outcome. For now, we trust that He has us in His hands and walk forward with His peace.

Check back here to see how things are going. Thanks for your prayers and support as we navigate this crazy journey.

In all things, God is good.


  1. Hey guys,

    Love ya! Do let me know if Roz needs a place to stay in Victoria and I will check with my folks. Take care!!!


  2. This is a great idea Brian. I kept a blog while Katie was in the hospital and it was an excellent way to communicate with all the people who cared about us and wanted to know what they could pray for or what practical things they could do. It really took the burden off me to keep people "in the loop."

    I've been praying for you and Roz almost every second since your announcement on Sunday. God bless you both!