Thursday, November 26, 2009

Medical Updates

Today, Roz and I met with the surgeon who did the original procedure. He provided some much needed clarity on the next few medical steps that we'll be taking. Apparently, when a doctor says "you need further surgery and you'll see the surgeon on December 4", this does NOT mean that the surgeon will be doing any surgery on December 4th. He just wants to chat on December 4. Based on this consultation, he'll set an actual surgery date. The lack of a known time line is a little disheartening, but at least we won't show up on December 4th expecting surgery, only to walk away with a post-it note. That would be a little embarrassing :)

Some good news! I have an appointment with a Melanoma specialist from the BC Cancer Agency on December 9. Also, the surgeon that I'll see on December 4th is able to perform all 3 of the potential surgeries that I may need. It means that we have to go to Vancouver Island, but there is a chance that all procedures could be done at the same time. One of the possible procedures that I'll need is a 'radical neck dissection'. Sounds very 80's to me!


  1. You and Roz are in our prayers, Brian. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    In His love,

  2. I'm praying for both of you! I appreciate your perspective and how your sense of humour is still intact. Trusting God to continue to provide the strength that you need. ~Melanie Penninga