Tuesday, December 1, 2009


There is much comfort in knowing that we are part of a story that is larger than anything we could ever comprehend. There's something scary about that too. What if my character in this story is the one that dies in an early chapter? It may be good for the story, but not for this particular player. In facing a potentially poor cancer outcome, I've been thinking back on a class I took in my forth year at TWU. We looked at the meta-narrative of history (just a fancy way of saying 'what is the theme if we look at the whole thing, not just bits and pieces). When we look at the totality of history, it's a story of reconciliation. Yes, there are times of incredible unrest and hardship, but through it can be found a thread of God's desire to be reconciled with humankind. Our individual lives are part of this meta-narrative too. Maybe we won't see it in our current situations, but we have to trust that we're living a story with an overarching theme of reconciliation (even though we fight against it most of the time). Sometimes we will see that clearly. Sometimes we will just see a faint thread. Sometimes we will feel all alone. In my current journey, I'm holding onto the knowledge that we're all part of a story of reconciliation, even if I don't know what my exact role is yet.

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  1. Wow...Brian, I don't know you but Jesus is alive and speaking through your blog! God is alive and real in Roz, that I know by having had two kids in her class. This is the messy stuff of life that God likes to hang out in. You are testimony to that. Will contiue to be praying for you.

  2. What can I say, just wow! I don't know you Brian, but my daughter sent me an email to pray for you which led me to your blog which in turn gave me much to think about! All I can say is wow...God is usig you...(I read a few of your most resent posts after checking on how to pray). Please know that I am praying for you.

  3. Wow, Brian...first of all, my Mom's been keeping me updated on what's going on. We're praying for you!
    Second, your blog is such a blessing to me...I feel like all semester God has been trying to teach me exactly what you've expressed here, about trusting Him with the big picture, and your words are so encouraging and affirming. Wow.
    Thank you so much for this message. You will be present in my thoughts and prayers. Much love! ~Cousin Ellen

  4. Brian -- after several posts of people saying they don't know you, I want to say: I know you! Jon and I are thinking of you and praying for you tons. Truly, our hearts are with you. And, if it hadn't yet been expressed enough ... Wow! Jesus' love & wisdom do shine through you, Friend, and His strength will carry you in the not so good moments too. Our love to you & sweet Roz.

  5. Hey, Brian you are in our prayers. I was at TWU recently and I saw you from a distance. Since I was in my car and going the opposite direction I didn't stop. When I got home I received an email from Emily about this blog. I regret not turning around and stopping to say, "Hi" . . . next time I will for sure. As I drove away I thought about how you were such a kind friend to Ann and I, who showed Christlikeness. Anyhow, my father and my uncle have both have had skin cancer, and both are doing well. My uncle had a malignant tumor on his nose, so I know the impact cancer can have on family members. I want you to know that you have always been a devote Christ follower and through your words on this blog you have shone and inspired others to seek God. May God richly bless you during this time in the valley and know that there are long ago friends (like me) that are inspired by your pursuit of peace in the midst of chaos. God is with you. May the peace of Christ's tranquility saturate your heart and Roz's heart this Christmas week.