Monday, December 7, 2009

Surgery Date Set...For real this time

I will have surgery on January 14th, more than 2 weeks earlier than it could have been. This is a huge blessing as O.R. time is pretty tight. The solidification of a date and a detailed explanation of the procedure have brought this whole experience to a new level of reality. Here is the plan so far (which may change as the procedure gets going). I will have a circle (2cm across) removed from beside my right eye. The edge of the circle will be at my lower eyelash line. From there, I'll have an incision across my temple to my ear, down in front of my ear and down into my neck. This will give the surgeon access to my parotid gland (google parotidectomy if you're not squeamish or if you still need motivation to have your moles checked!), which he will remove. Apparently I don't need my parotid gland, or so they say.

In addition to the underlying peace that we have (which at times is lying very much under), we go through times of anger and times of sadness. There are also the times of fear and denial. It's in these times that we hold tightly to the hope that we have in knowing that in all things, God is good.

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  1. Oh such good news about the earlier surgery date!! Love to you both.