Monday, January 4, 2010

Medical Update

Happy New Year! 10 days until surgery, but it still seems surreal. There was a moment when reality hit on January 1 though. Roz and I returned from a wonderful visit with her family in Ontario, which had always been a milestone toward going into hospital. In planning out the Christmas season, I often thought 'we get back from Ontario, then I go into hospital the next week'. Picking up our bags from the carousel seemed to set the whole thing into motion. There is a lot to do before January 14th, so I'll have plenty to keep my mind off of things.

Before Christmas, I saw an oncologist who confirmed that there were no other troublesome areas on my skin. There was an odd spot, but it washed off ;). It's a huge relief to know that we only have to worry about the existing area for now.

Tomorrow I have my pre-op appointment. Is it a good idea to check weight right after Christmas?!


  1. We are praying and thinking of you both at this time. Would you email ( me your address? Thank you for your updates, its good to check up on your health all round.

    Sam, Ann(nee O'Connor)and Josiah Pimentel

  2. May the Godly wisdom and miraculous truths of the words you have shared in this journal carry you now through the coming days and weeks. That crazy sense of humor will help too!! ;-) We love you both and are keeping you close in our hearts and prayers!
    Auntie Gwen

  3. We're thinking of and praying for you over the coming days, you guys!